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This Software package is a 6D integrated full construction design to management system. It consist of Engineering software system which feds to an ERP system for effective management. This is also connected with microsoft Project, microsoft Teams environment and Google products for an easy working environment.
Engineering side is connected with packages like Etabs/STAAD and AutoCAD with the design and detailing functions. System works on the architectural drawing in AutoCAD and produces a model in Etabs/STAAD. The fine tuned Etabs/STAAD model values can be fed back to the system by which it produces the design, detailing, bar bending schedule and even the sequence to cut the bars to reduce the wastage. We recommend you to go through the demo movies and power point presentation. With full integration the time required to do a slab design with detailing, bar bending etc is reduced to minutes. A full floor of beam data from Etabs/STAAD can be exported to the system by which the entire beams in a floor is designed by the sytem, as per any requirement in detailing, with even the ductile detailing. Bar bending system is provided for beams and slabs. Also the Estimax estimation software is a product which is developed inhouse is connected to the above drawings and produces estimation automatically using intelligence inbuilt into the program.
Planning, HR,QC, Accounting, Inventory Document management systems, CRM etc is added as modules in the ERP system. The data from the drawings is fully integrated into the above systems and the data is available in laptop, desktop, ipad or mobile users to access from any where. Overall efficiency of the project is improved multiple times with the effective integration of all the above modules working together.

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Structural Engineering software integrated with STAAD.Pro ,Etabs and AutoCAD.
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Auto Estimation directly from AutoCAD drawings.
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Optimizes the distribution of a large number of pieces (parts).
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XBuild ERP

XBuild ERP is developed for builders, contractors, and consultants to manage their daily activities
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aadspro Club

This license includes access to Aadspro, Estimax and Optimax system. License will be yearly or half yearly.

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